Scoop, How come I'm having trouble logging into the site, even though my subscription is current?

You can only log in from the Scoopy homepage by clicking on the "Members" button. Bookmarks or hot links will only land you back at the sign-up page.



Scoop, I'm still having trouble logging into the site, and I know my membership hasn't expired. What's up?

Two different possibilities:


1. If you are getting the pop-up box to return again and again, it is an account issue of some kind, so click here and email me and provide the details of the username and password which fail you.



2. If the server accepts your password, and your browser goes to the right location ( but delivers the wrong content (a blank page or the main page), the problem is caused by something on your system.

Your system has some hostile third party software that interferes with browser operation. The most common culprits are Norton Internet Security, Zone AlarmPro and Norton Personal Firewall.  If you have those, there are several solutions. You can disable them, of course, but there are other ways to solve the problem as well:

Additional Norton Info: 

Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security present a problem. It doesn't matter that many other web sites work for you. Our site makes extensive use of complex re-direction scripts, and it needs a fully-functioning browser.  The explanations on this page will also work for our site:

 Because our site is so big and covers so many servers and domains, it is easiest to do it the first way they describe (uncheck "enable browser privacy") but if you want to use the advanced options and do everything one site at a time, you have to permit "referrer" under browser privacy for:

Additional info for Zone Alarm Security Suite:

  1. Click Privacy

  2. Click Site List tab

  3. click options button

  4. Click Cookies tab

  5. Uncheck "remove private header information"

Additional Info for Zone Alarm Pro:

  1. Click Privacy

  2. Click Cookie Control

  3. Click Custom

  4. Uncheck "remove private header information"

Additional Info for Norton Firewall 2006:

In the main Norton Firewall 2006 screen, click on "Privacy Control", then click the "configure" button.  On the screen that opens (the one with the privacy slider), click the "advanced" button, which takes you to a tabbed screen headed "web contents options".  At the foot of this screen is an "add site" button.  Click on this, then add each of the listed 10 Scoopy websites (, etc.), one by one. Once each site is added to the list, highlight that site, then in "global settings" to the right, uncheck all "use default settings" boxes and click on every "permit" radio button.  You are taken back to the screen with the privacy slider each time, and have to click the "advanced" button again, then "add site" for each of the sites in turn.

If you do not have one of those products, you have something else which does the same thing.  Check for the presence of some of the following: (there may also be others of which I am unaware) 

  • Ads-off

  • Ad-block

  • @guard

  • atguard

  • Safeguard

  • manually disabled browser settings

  • anything which blocks script

  • anything which purports to protect security or privacy

  • anything which purports to block advertising

  • anything which purports to prevent pop-ups

  • anything which purports to block cookies

Disable the software and/or re-enable browser default settings, then clear cache, clear "internet history," shut down the browser - all windows, reboot the computer, restart the browser,  and log in.

 If you used to have no problem, but suddenly developed one, it should be easy to figure out. Think about any changes that you made just before the problem began. Remember, you have to be the detective on this one, and think back to what you did in between your last successful log-in and your first unsuccessful one.


Scoop, I'm still having trouble!

A. it's time to
click here and email us. Be sure to include your Subscription Number, your Name, your username , your password, (so we can see if you are typing the right info, and/or so we can tell who can take care of your problem!), your Email address, and as much detail as you can concerning your log in difficulty. Tell us EXACTLY what happens when you try to log in.



Scoop, I lost my password! What do I do?

1. The easiest thing is to write me, telling me your username, or real name, and I can look it up for you/

2. or go to the CCbill home page

3. or click here for



Scoop, I love your site, but the wife says no. How do I cancel my membership?

Three possible ways:

1. go to the home page

2. or write me

3. or Click here to


Scoop, what if I have a content, generic, or other question, or everything else fails?

A. Write me! If all else fails, general support by e-mail is always available at Use this address for site content questions, as well as questions about accounts.